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October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas

With pandemic hitting the globe, one sector that found itself in heavy waters was education. Schools, colleges and universities got closed, exams got postponed indefinitely and studies of the students were interrupted.

As Covid-19 put a pause button on conventional education, the only way forward was to switch to online platforms. The whole world adapted to the new normal, and switched to e-learning programs.

WorkTech developed ‘eSmarts’, which served as an interactive platform for educationists and young learners. eSmarts offered the following functionalities:

    • Students could view courses, their instructors and timetables
    • They were able to have interactive e-learning combing both real-time and
      periodic resources
    • It allowed the instructors to conduct exams and mark grades.

To assist with the initial technical problems, WorkTech provided training and ongoing support to overcome all the challenges.