Pre-Optimization Website Analysis: fa-check
Competitor Analysis: fa-check
Keyword Research & Analysis: fa-check
Backlink Analysis: fa-check
Website Canonical Check: fa-check
Title Tag Optimization: fa-check
META Tags Optimization: fa-check
Heading Tags Optimization: fa-check
Image Alt Tags Optimization: fa-check
Content Optimization: fa-check
Broken Links Check: fa-check
Website Speed Check: fa-check
Google Indexed Pages Check: fa-check
Robots.txt Creation: fa-check
Google XML Sitemap: fa-check
Internal Linking Optimization: fa-check
Google Webmaster Tools Setup: fa-check
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup: fa-check
Google Analytics Setup: fa-check
Structured Data Setup: fa-check
Search Engine Submission: fa-check
Guest Blog Writing: 3
Guest Blog Links: 3
Article Writing: 3
Article Submissions: 3
Social Bookmarking Links: 25
Forum Posting: 13
Quora Submission: 13
Reddit Submission: 13
Blog Comment: 13
Monthly Website Analytics Report: fa-check
Monthly Keywords Ranking Report: fa-check
Monthly Off Page Submission Report: fa-check


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