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5 types of interactive content and their advantages in 2021

The Internet has become a saturated market. With millions of websites and their social media presences, it is hard to make your mark. The online content keeps getting better by the minute and this race keeps getting tougher. Good content seems to be insufficient these days. If you want to stand out, you must make extraordinary content. People no longer have the patience to give time to your content and then judge if it is good or not. To get the most clicks and likes, you must attract your audience with creative ideas. Innovation and creativity have become the key to success in the online marathon. We have compiled a list of all the dos for you to boost your engagement rates. Let’s keep your audience hooked to your posts.

Engaging Infographics

The digital age has made our attention spans very short. We neither have the time nor the patience to read long paragraphs or watch long videos. It all seems boring to even all of us millennials, just think how Gen Z would react to such content. This is exactly why you need to add infographics to all your o0nline presences. Be it social media or websites, infographics take high engagement rates. They are precise and good to look at. They are not only a visual treat but also provide great information effectively in minutes. They are also really easy to make too. Use eye-catching colors, readable fonts, and creative graphics to make them stellar.

Short Videos

Reels, Tiktok, and YouTube shorts are all the rage these days. Tiktok has become the most popular amongst the new generation because of its short and creative content. All the famous social apps have moved to this new method of getting more likes. The recipe to get a spike in your number of followers is no longer innovative content only. It is innovative content presented effectively in a short time. Be it useful information or purely entertainment content, it must be short and outstanding. Want more followers? Now you know how to get them.

Virtual Tours

It is a unique yet creative way to get more engagement. With the pandemic, everything has gone virtual. Be it shopping or work, nothing is possible without the internet. People have also started traveling online. Virtual maps are the only recreation one can enjoy in a pandemic. The fun thing about them is you can travel to places where you would not have traveled at all otherwise. Be it Disneyland or Blood Falls, virtual tours will take you anywhere and everywhere. Add them now to your websites and get more visits.

Live Streams

Another frenzy these days is live streams. They are an efficient and low-budget way to engage your audience. I am sure if you use the internet, you have seen them everywhere. Social media apps have used them to interview people, conduct online seminars, raise awareness, teach makeup, and whatnot. You will also find live streaming from museums, zoos, exhibitions, etc. Live streaming allows your audience to be present without leaving their houses. It surely enhances engagement rates and is very interactive.


Pop culture has made online quizzes pertinent and fun. We have all taken online quizzes like What friends character are you? What desi dish describes you? Etc. Yes, they are a total mood booster. The interesting thing about them is they resonate with people of nearly all age groups. If you want your audience to feel uplifted after visiting your online presence, use them.


They enhance your engagement rates. People love interactive content and fun activities. You will notice a visible difference in your visitors. It is surely good for the success of your social media account or website.


By making interactive content, you can increase your visitors. Increased visitors ultimately mean increased data capture. To make customized content for your target audience, you need to know what they like. Increased data capture allows you to make personalized and quality content for your audience. In easier words, you would be able to make what your audience loves to see.


Creativity does not go in vain. You will earn a great reputation for your brand by making more interactive content. It increases your audiences’ trust in you. It will help you not only stand out but also have a trustworthy audience. 


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