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How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Website in 2021

Who is not familiar with Amazon? It is the biggest e-commerce website and for a reason. Building an Amazon affiliate website can benefit you monetarily. It is a great business indeed. Follow this guide to build your affiliate website now. 

Why build an Amazon Website?

Millions of people have created amazon affiliate websites. If you are wondering why let us break it down for you. 

Amazon is extremely popular

Amazon is perhaps the most popular online e-commerce website. It has billions of users and even more products.  Amazon’s net quarterly revenue for 2020’s third quarter topped $96 billion. Anyone can sell its products on amazon. Amazon has the potential to make you a businessman overnight. 

  • People trust Amazon

Because of Amazon’s great customer service, people heavily trust amazon. It is home to billions of products. It is a strong and well-established online market. Over the years, Amazon has proved to be a very trustworthy platform.

  • Amazon affiliate program is for everyone

Anyone can join the amazon affiliate program. The only condition is to generate sales from at least three affiliate links within 180 days. You just need to sign up and get your tracking ID to start adding amazon affiliate links to your content.

  • You get a commission on all products bought using your link

Of course, you earn a commission every time someone buys your product. The interesting thing is you get a commission on things people buy through visiting Amazon using your link. For example, someone has bought $50 worth of makeup palette through your affiliate link and after that, they bought a hairdryer unrelated to your website, you get a commission for the dryer as well. 

Steps for Building Amazon’s Affiliate Website

  • Pick a niche 

To build an amazon website, you need to select a niche.  You can not randomly pick a niche. It requires you to do the proper homework. You need to know what you are interested in. Do you have an idea about the niche you are selecting? Does your selected niche have the potential to generate profit? These are all questions you need an answer to before selecting a niche. You should fully understand your niche. You can not build a website without having sufficient information about your niche.

  • Check Amazon’s commission rates

Once you know your interests, you can check amazon’s commission rates. You can easily access them online. It will give you an overview of what products generate the most amount of cash. It is up to you what products you want to stock on your website. It is not necessary that you only choose the products with the highest commission rates. It is just to give you an idea of what the commission rates are. 

  • Explore Affiliate Products

Exploring affiliate products will give you an idea about what is popular and what is not. Go to the ‘best sellers’ option on amazon. Explore that section properly. This is also essential to search for the keywords that we are going to explain next. 

  • Do Keyword Research

Searching for keywords is essential. There is plenty of information available only to know more about keywords and how they function. You can use paid tools to search keywords as it really helps. If you do not want to pay for a tool, there are free tools that you can use. Amazon’s autocomplete can aid you to find the keywords. The tool ‘ Keywords Everywhere’ is very useful. It gives you all the necessary information about your keyword.  There are many other tools of this sort too. 

  • Create your Content

Generating informative and user-friendly content always works. This is an important step in the success of your amazon affiliate website. You can write product reviews. Product reviews are popular with internet users. For example, you can write a review of a new trending phone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Be very smart with the choice of words. Through your writing, you can convince people to buy the product. Another content idea is writing comparisons. For instance, write a comparison between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. List their pros and cons. People like to research before buying such products. You can also compile the best products for people to buy. ‘10 best android phone’ is an example of creating the best lists for your users. Write affiliate articles. These articles can give you a lot of profit. 

  • Generate Traffic

Create original and well-researched content to drive traffic. Your content should be SEO optimized. Ti means that it should have all the relevant keywords. Through keywords, you can get your website ranked. Once your website is ranked, people will start buying from it. Google ranks quality content only. Make sure your content is up to mark. An effective way to get your website ranked quickly is using low-difficulty keywords with high traffic potential. 

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